Are you having trouble picturing how you would like your life to play out now and into the future? I work with you to create a clear vision so you can live the life you desire and be the best you can be.


Remember what it felt like to jump into life?  Stepping off and diving into that next exciting chapter?  I do, and I couldn’t have achieved it without the right support and the necessary mentoring.


I work with corporate clients, executive teams and not-for-profit organisations.  I am skilled and experienced in offering teams novel ways of seeing, working, and relating with each other.

Coaching is a wonderful way to look at change, either in the context of career, or more generally in relation to life and well-being.  You will find my coaching rates on the rates and bookings page.  Please get in touch to inquire about my coaching, consultancy, facilitation, and workshop services.



Testimonials & Feedback

“Julie has helped me focus on what I need to ensure my business goals are aligned with my personal values and ethics. It’s not always easy to keep this front of mind in business. Thank you, Julie, for your patience and skill. My business is flourishing and I appreciate your expertise and care.” ~ Reed Everingham

Reed Everingham - Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Facilitator

“One of the things I love about working with Julie is her manner and energy, she is so calm and wise, and in that classic coaching way holds the space for you to come to your own conclusion while purposefully dropping crumbs to help you find your way there. Her capacity to work with creatives and heart centred business people across so many sectors is testimony to her adaptability and true skills in coaching and facilitating.” ~ Polly McGee

Dr Polly McGee - author (The Good Hustle; Dogs of India), strategist and CEO.

“Julie has helped me see for myself that I was living two different lives, which meant living as two people. I really only have just enough energy to live one life! She’s supported me in merging the two into one that is the life that I choose and which has made me far happier! Julie has a gentle and patient way about her, a sense of humour and asks questions that have uncovered my blind spots and taught me to think more clearly.” ~ Peter Aldin

Peter Aldin, Author (Doomsdays Child; Black Marks)


Coaching is about connecting with how people imagine their lives need to change and be. It’s a bit like cooking or painting, it’s a very creative process. Coaching is people-and-solutions-focused. It’s all about flow and capacity building.


Often my clients will say something like “I’m not sure where I’m headed. Somewhere over there, doing stuff…” It’s difficult to navigate life without a map. My work with you will focus on the big picture and getting clear about the where, what, and how.


Something you might not know about me – I am really into books. No, REALLY into books! I read books, write books and collect books. In a coaching process, I might sometimes ask you to explore our work by using words and journalling. It’s all part of the journey!