Julie is a professional transition coach and consultant, working with people undertaking career and life advancement, and those exploring and developing their artistic and creative practice.  She is the Director of Creative Coaching Options and brings over 25 years’ experience working in the creative arts in Australia.  With an extensive knowledge of the creative process Julie specialises in creating secure environments to facilitate change at both a personal and organisational level, supportively enabling people to bring their ideas to life.

Julie has worked with and within a range of organisations including the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Film Commission (now Screen Australia), the Performance Space, Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-Operative, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the Australian Market and Social Research Society, Alcoa, Coca-Cola Amatil, John Holland Aviation and Telstra.  She is currently the creativity coach for Comics Mastermind.

Julie has a Masters of Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching); a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Film major); a Bachelor of Arts (Social Science); a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management; and a Certificate II in Arts (Interactive Multimedia).  She is a graduate of Eric Maisel’s Introduction and Advanced Creativity Coaching courses, and a certified Narrative Coach Core Practitioner. She is a member of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association, and the international Creativity Coaching Association She believes that learning is one of the foundations of a meaningful life, and is currently working on her first novel.

Julie Regan




The Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) is a not-for-profit professional membership organisation for market and social research professionals. It is dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market and social research in Australia.

As Managing editor of the Society’s quarterly magazine, Research News, I work with contributors and the Editorial Advisory Group to bring the members the latest thinking on issues pertaining to market and social research. The magazine covers a range of themes, everything from AI and machine learning to research methodologies and ethical practice, and how developments in these areas impact on the research community.



MORE LEMON is an effective step by step guide to those making major transitions in their lives.  Written by a registered psychologist, Jai Waters, and transition coach, yours truly, the book helps people to better understand and accept transition, reclaim their power by rewriting their story, redefine what’s important to them, let go of the past, and move their life forward with greater confidence.

MORE LEMON is an essential blueprint for those navigating transitions who want to create a life filled with more zest. It includes practical exercises designed to support the transition process, and self-care exercises and “power –up” activities to keep people motivated and buoyant whilst undergoing change.



My new project is about creating, living what I coach. I am attempting to write a novella, working title ‘Mr P likes tea’, and have been doing so for a couple of years.  Not only do I love writing and all that it involves, it means I understand the challenges of the creative process. All the ups and downs of bringing what’s in your head to the page.

Writing also allows me to indulge my great passions – books and reading, learning and taking courses what’s not to like about that – right! It’s wonderful to feel excited about things like words and language. This for me is more than just words on a page, but also, the conversations we have, the secrets we whisper and the memories we collect.


“Julie was a great help to me in establishing priorities in my life, and in helping me feel ‘accountable’ for meeting the goals I’d set for myself. But she also insisted that I be finding ways to enjoy myself–not an easy thing for a work-driven person–and take pleasure in the life I had created for myself in the arts.  I was able to get started on a number of things I’d been putting off, and was able to clarify for myself what aspects of my life were truly important.

Julie’s manner is so relaxed, supportive and direct, that is it like having a really good friend to talk to–someone who is never going to beat you up over your ‘stuff’ but who is going to help you see that even something like procrastination has its benefits. At the same time, she didn’t let me off the hook about taking action steps towards what I wanted to do. I think she’s a very gifted coach!” ~ Joan Schirle

Joan Schirle, Founding Artistic Director - Dell’Arte International

“Julie was extremely helpful in updating my resume, she spent a lot of time and effort in making it look professional. In addition, the facts sheet Julie gave me on ‘How to prepare for an interview’ and ‘Frequently asked interview questions’ were very useful when preparing for that all important job interview.”

Paul Panayi, Retail Manager

“The sessions with Julie were both therapeutic and insightful. Therapeutic because she enabled me to identify my values and work ethics, in a calm and encouraging environment, logically working through the issues and encouraging me to think objectively – what values I would look for in a future employer and what type of work environment would allow me to realise my full potential, as well as support the values of the organisation. Julie supported my efforts to return to the workforce, not just in words, but in actively assisting me through applications and interview scenarios.”

Robyn Culbert, Educational Trainer


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