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Julie is a professional transition coach, working with people in career transition and those exploring and developing their artistic and creative practice. She is the Director of Creative Coaching Options and brings over 20 years’ experience working in the creative arts and coaching space. Julie is also a writer and film enthusiast.

Coaching Tips for Stress and Overwhelm

Over the recent Easter weekend, I took the opportunity to fly interstate to see my family. As you no doubt saw and heard, the airports, and travel to and from them, were chaotic. People everywhere in crowded terminals, long  queues for baggage check-in, delayed flights, stressed airline and security personnel. Australians on the move [...]

Coaching Tips for Stress and Overwhelm2022-06-19T04:27:17+10:00

Changing Times & Staying Safe

There are a number of words that sum up the human experience over 2020 and 2021.  The one that stands out for me, particularly at present, is safe.  More than ever we are called upon to keep ourselves, our families and communities, our work places and environments safe. Our world is changing faster than ever before.  [...]

Changing Times & Staying Safe2022-01-31T14:05:41+11:00

Entitlement & Paying Attention

One of the things I have been thinking about post-2020, and our first year of living with the Covid virus, is entitlement. The last year has seen many shifts in the global consciousness with many institutions, beliefs and assumptions being challenged for the ongoing misunderstanding and mistreatment of diverse and often disenfranchised communities. The [...]

Entitlement & Paying Attention2022-01-31T14:16:35+11:00

Shining Bright!

When I think of constellations, I always thinks of the children’s nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.’ It was a rhyme I loved as a child and still do, as it conjures up delight and allows me to dream of things bigger than myself. Constellation – “a group [...]

Shining Bright!2021-07-03T06:29:05+10:00
Julie Regan


Hello & Welcome. I’m a professional transition coach & consultant, working with people undertaking career & life advancement, & those exploring & developing their artistic & creative practice.

I am the Director of Creative Coaching Options & bring over 25 years’ experience working in the creative arts in Australia. With an extensive knowledge of the creative process I specialise in creating secure environments to facilitate change at both a personal & organisational level, supportively enabling people to bring their ideas to life.

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