Coaching Tips for Stress and Overwhelm

Over the recent Easter weekend, I took the opportunity to fly interstate to see my family. As you no doubt saw and heard, the airports, and travel to and from them, were chaotic. People everywhere in crowded terminals, long  queues for baggage check-in, delayed flights, stressed airline and security personnel. Australians on the move [...]

Coaching Tips for Stress and Overwhelm2022-06-19T04:27:17+10:00

Entitlement & Paying Attention

One of the things I have been thinking about post-2020, and our first year of living with the Covid virus, is entitlement. The last year has seen many shifts in the global consciousness with many institutions, beliefs and assumptions being challenged for the ongoing misunderstanding and mistreatment of diverse and often disenfranchised communities. The [...]

Entitlement & Paying Attention2022-01-31T14:16:35+11:00

Drawing the Line

Many of us are now working at home or splitting our time between home and the ‘old’ office due to COVID restrictions. Those without the option of moving into a safe home office space over the pandemic or have been commuting to and from work trying to stay safe. Under these circumstances, the issue [...]

Drawing the Line2021-07-03T06:26:26+10:00

Experiencing Zoom Fatigue & Moving Forward

In my last article I wrote about how the global COVID pandemic has seen change become the order of the day, along with the realisation that we now have the opportunity to do things differently. Nowhere is this more evident than in how we conduct our working lives, for example, using video conferencing technology like Zoom [...]

Experiencing Zoom Fatigue & Moving Forward2021-05-30T05:32:25+10:00

Letting go

In January I started a six month course in Narrative Coaching with Dr David Drake, a leading specialist in this field. Narrative Coaching is based on the concept "that stories are at the core of what makes us human", and is aimed at supporting people in a safe and structured coaching environment to share [...]

Letting go2019-01-16T09:01:26+11:00

The importance of your support team

Recently my long time friend Jai Waters and I released a book on how to affect positive change in your life.  It’s called MORE LEMON: How to transition to a life with more Zest and details can be found on our site. In the book we talk about the importance of having a support [...]

The importance of your support team2018-12-04T22:22:29+11:00
Julie Regan


Hello & Welcome. I’m a professional transition coach & consultant, working with people undertaking career & life advancement, & those exploring & developing their artistic & creative practice.

I am the Director of Creative Coaching Options & bring over 25 years’ experience working in the creative arts in Australia. With an extensive knowledge of the creative process I specialise in creating secure environments to facilitate change at both a personal & organisational level, supportively enabling people to bring their ideas to life.

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