Change Agent

The one thing we can be assured of today is the constancy of change. It is both active and responsive – it happens in us and to us. In a hectic, globalised world influenced by technological innovation and evolving customer and client demands change is inevitable.

As a Change Agent, I work with organisations to identify and implement strategies to achieve effective change.

This involves identifying the vision for the change process, finding creative and diverse opportunities for improvement, re-interrogating business priorities and goals, and bringing people onboard for the journey. Support for the change process proivdes dynamic results.

I work collaboratively with you to explore the vision you have for your organisation, assess where you are in relation to this vision and your organisational values, unearth the stories you are telling about your organisational performance and capabilities, uncover limitations, discover possibilities for a new story, and implement strategies and practices to change both vision and story.  This involves employing effective listening skills and exploring multiple perspectives in the search for solutions.

As a change agent/ manager I play a role in ensuring change initiatives are implemented to meet organisational goals.  I work collaboratively with you to develop a plan for the transition, identify key areas for improvement and potential problems, develop management and employee engagement, monitor and assess progress and manage the change process overall.


As a coach I support people to move forward on their individual journey of personal, professional, social, and/ or spiritual development. I work collaboratively with you, without agenda, to explore what is going on in your life now and how you would like things to be different.

Together, we identify the gaps between where you are today and where you want to be; discover any challenges or obstacles that may prevent you from moving forward; and create a vision and action plan for your future, near or far.

The sessions are about you, your story – current and emerging, and designed to create transformative experiences to achieve real change.

When I think about creativity I think of many things – curiosity, passion, imagination, persistence, resilience, engagement, discipline, self-reflection, fun, sharing ideas. Creating involves all these things and more. It is a place where passion brings imagination to life to inspire and transport us to different environments, different realities, and different relationships with the world around us. Creativity is a part of what it means to be human and engage with the world.

The creative challenge is to balance the many elements necessary to bring your ideas to life. I work with you collaboratively to explore the vision you have for your endeavours, assess where you are in relation to this vision, uncover limitations, discover possibilities, implement strategies and practices to bring your creative projects into reality.

I specialise in working with writers, visual artists, and those involved in all aspects of management and administration within arts organisations. I call upon over 25 years of experience as an arts manager and screen arts consultant to do this. Be the artist you want to be and bring your ideas to life.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot.

The world of work is rapidly changing, and the statistics show that people have an average of around 12 job changes over a working life. For Millennials, studies found that you will change jobs on average four times in your first decade out of university. Handling constant change is a big part of current working life, and the skills you need are different from in the past. This is in addition to having an updated resume, good interview skills, and preparing yourself to move to a new role.

I work collaboratively with you to explore the vision you have for your working life, assess where you are in relation to this vision and your values, unearth the stories you are telling about your work performance and capabilities, uncover limitations, discover possibilities for a new story, and implement strategies and practices.  In addition, I work with you to update your resume to best represent your capabilities, skills and achievements; and enhance your interview skills to assist you land the job you want.

Often my clients will say something like “I’m not sure where I’m headed. Somewhere over there, doing stuff…” Having trouble picturing how you would like your life to play out, now and into the future? It isn’t always obvious where we want to go, what we’d like to be doing as we respond to what comes our way and move through the various life stages.  Life is multi-faceted and as we grow and change, what we want from life also changes.

In addition, we need to balance the many elements that make up our lives; work, relationships, community, family, health and wellbeing, intellectual and/or spiritual engagement and growth, and more. There is a lot going on and it is easy to lose focus and direction.

I create a safe change space and work collaboratively with you to explore the vision you have for all your endeavours, assess where you are in relation to this vision and the story you are telling about your life to date, uncover limitations, discover possibilities for a new story, and implement strategies and practices. All to enable you to live the rich and fulfilling life you have defined and designed for yourself.


Over my lifetime I’ve undertaken and delivered a diverse range of activities within multifarious organisations. I’ve had the privilege of working in some amazing organisations doing some amazing things with some truly astonishing and remarkable people. Combined with my innate curiosity this means I have an assorted range of skills and capabilities to offer. The three major ones are listed below.

I work with clients, work teams and not-for-profit organisations.  I am skilled and experienced in offering teams novel ways of seeing, working, and relating to each other.  Rest assured I work collaboratively with you to ascertain how my skills and your needs collide to achieve the best outcomes for the situation at hand.

I offer specialised workshops in creativity and writing skills tailored to meet your needs, budget and timeframe. They are designed with the creative practitioner as the primary focus and encourage self-exploration and reflection to enhance self-knowledge and creativity.  All workshops involve participant engagement and exercises to enhance learning. Possible topics covered include uncovering your creative vision, developing creative mastery, establishing support networks, identifying and planning for success, keeping the passion alive – just to name a few.

I am currently in the process of writing a novella and have been doing so for a couple of years.  I love writing and all that it involves.  I also understand the challenges of the creative process. It isn’t easy, and it requires time and contemplation. If you are in need of someone to undertake some writing for you, to act as editor or betta reader on your draft (well done on completing your draft), coach you to the end of a process –  I am available to assist you to get your ideas on the page.

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Testimonials & Feedback

Julie is always calm and focussed. She listens intently and her responses to my issues are always considered and empathetic. Her down-to earth approach to creative coaching has been invaluable to me. She is able to go to the heart of any problem and help me to get perspective and balance back into my creative practice. Without Julie’s gentle and wise words, my writing path would have been a great deal rockier and more treacherous. Thanks to Julie’s guidance, I have stayed on that path and arrived at my destination.”

Stella Collier, Author

“Julie helps you see life as it is and then make it all you could ever want it to be. Julie is very supportive and encouraging in her approach and she possesses a keen eye and innate ability to get to the core of an issue or stumbling block. She asks highly relevant and well considered probing and insightful questions to help you understand the true issue of what you are attempting to understand and work with. Julie has a well-attuned mix of straightforwardness and compassion to suit any given situation.

Julie has helped me see things in a new way when I needed to even if I may not have wanted to. You are sure to have a helpful encounter and achieve unforeseen positive outcomes if you choose to work with Julie.”

Carol McGowan, Coach, Counsellor and Educator

“I had been made redundant again and badly needed things to change. I was stressed and lost and Julie was there with buckets of empathy and validating recognition of the predicament I was in. The plan was to move to a different employment sector and I needed to reinvent myself to achieve this. With Julie’s help, I am in a much better position now and can actually build on a career, not just look for another job.

The support Julie provides is practical and instantly useful. We took apart my resume and rebuilt it from the ground up. The possible interview questions were invaluable and spot on. I almost beamed when one popped up at the real interview – well-crafted, positive answer, ready, waiting and delivered with conviction – thank you!”

Carol O’C, Graphic designer